The Blogger’s Guide To No-Follow Links

Blogging can be a fun activity. But that does not mean you cannot make money out of it. And when you do try to earn from your blogs, you will have to encounter something called as ‘No-follow links’ that is going to be a little challenge for your search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts. No-follow links are basically links with a special attribute called no-follow, which marks the link and makes it impossible for robots to crawl to that link. Thus, when the content or link is made a no-follow, web-crawlers will not be able to find it and this inversely affects your SEO. So why something that is apparently bad for your SEO should exist in the first place? There is a valid reason and it is for controlling spam. By making use of no-follow links you can easily curb the nuisance caused by black-hat SEO and all the spamming happening across your comments and social media shares.

Though designed for a good cause, no-follow links are, by the end of the day still hated by SEOs. But this need not be the case if you really understood how you can make the best out of no-follow links. Here are some ways to get rid of the negativity out of no-follow links.

•    Links can be an endorsement
You should probably stop viewing links only from the SEO perspective. Links are not just there for boosting your SEO, they can also serve as excellent endorsements. People who love your blogs will definitely click on them because they attach value to anything relevant you present them.
•    No follow links help you with referral traffic
It is no secret that referral traffic is the best kind of traffic your site can get. No one can beat the good old word-of-mouth marketing. In terms of online blogging, it is the no-follow links that you so hated will be the biggest contributor to your referral traffic.
Though no-follow links have zero SEO value, they work great when it comes to referral traffic. As mentioned earlier, when people find your links within related content which they happen to love, a click on the link is inevitable. No-follow links on content sharing websites like Quora, Inboud and referral forums have done better than their SEO counterpart.
Finally, even search engines cannot help but notice that your blog has been receiving hundreds of visitors, regardless of the type of links you use.
•    No-follow links pushes you towards improvement
Follow or no-follow links, people are not going to hold on to you when what they find on the other side of the link is useless or terrible. But when you are using no-follow links, you are at increased risk as you don’t get any extra SEO points. Hence, you are naturally pushed to make your blogs better so that you can satisfy your audience.
You will be more incentivised to improve your design, site layout, mapping, content, buy-ins and every other aspect of your blog to keep your audience engaged.
When you have no other way or shortcuts rather than improving yourself and hence you will be naturally become one of the best at what you do. The same applies to your blogging skills when you use No-follow links.
And again, when people find out that you are indeed engaging and good on your blog, they will be willing to go all the way through your site and thus, increase your bounce rates which means improved SEO.  
•    Links make more links
Links have the specialty of reproducing very easily and effortlessly. When you make a really good blog post, you will find that the links that link will be popping around in many other sites very soon. The reason is that links to valuable content adds research value to an article. Thus when somebody makes a link to your content, you get all the fame and glory meant for you regardless of the type of links used.
As mentioned repeatedly, all good things you get from no-follow links indirectly relate to a better SEO even though these links have no direct contribution to SEO. No-follow links can have a positive impact on your rankings. It also shows to the engines that you are building your links naturally.

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