Original Art

As it states in my tagline above, I am also a visual artist. I have my degree in Art Education and teach visual arts at the secondary school level. Here is a selection of some of my drawings, paintings, and original prints. (In no particular order.)

Veil of Tears

Back ‘in the day’ I specialized as a printmaker, focusing on Intaglio work. Here are a few Intaglio prints

Sam II
Lonely Marsh
Winter Landscape
At the Gate
At the Gate (colour monoprint)
At the Gate Colour Monoprint relief
Charcoal Drawing & Pen and Ink
untitled pen and ink study
charcoal study
Charcoal portraits – Alex Bell and Nellie McClung
Charcoal Nellie McClung
Charcoal Alex Bell
Intaglio dyptic and Conte portrait
Untitled conte portrait
Untitled intaglio dyptic
The following are acrylics done as ‘Cover Art’ for my creative writing. None have been used, but I enjoy the process.
Cover idea for ‘Play It Again’
Cover idea for ‘And The Beat Goes On’
Cover idea for ‘My Mother The Man-Eater’
Pink Vancouver Skyline
Cover idea forĀ  “Wind Over Marshdale’