February Links You’ll Love

Well, I can’t guarantee you’ll love them, but here they are anyway!

On February 15 I wrote a post at Inscribe Writers Online called ‘Home Sweet Inscribe Home’. It was my response to the month’s theme on making connections to other writers and finding encouragement and support in a field that can be quite lonely at times.

On February 27 my regular post went up on The Word Guild’s blog, ‘Canadian Writers Who Are Christian’. This month’s theme was ‘Love’ (of course!) and my post was entitled, ‘For the Love Of…” in which I discuss the overuse and misuse of this most ‘lovely’ word.

5 X Mama by Ruth Ann Adams Travel Tales, Faith Stories and Children’s Literature.

A Book Long Enough by Jordan Hageman Blogging about books, me, and the things between.

A Line From Linda History, home, and heart.

A Tale of Two Kingdoms A monthly devotional blog concerned primarily with spiritual lessons learned from nature.

Amish Reader by Murray Pura

Battle for the Soul of Canada – Battle for the Soul of Canada relates to Ed hird’s second book on Timothy and its theme Raising up the Emerging Generation.

Bible Drive-Thru Bible Drive-Thru has daily devotionals for 8 – 12-year-olds.

Blog Critics Violet Nesdoly, contributor

Greenville by Artist in the South

Book Reviews Donna Fawcett writing as Donna Dawson