I’ve been extremely busy this last little while, what with a new semester, my work at the church, and an upcoming speaking engagement. It’s caused me to think about priorities – in particular my own. My husband says I don’t know how to say ‘No’, but I know that’s not true because i do it to him all the time. It seems like so much of my time is spent on the mundane. Which means when it comes to the things I actually want to do, I’m often out of steam.

This leads to the question, “Why?” If creativity takes so much energy, why do I do it? With such a busy life, what drives me to also always have a ‘project’, be it a painting, a play I am directing, or a manuscript?

Firstly, I suppose, the answer is because that’s what gives me energy. It’s what ‘fills my tank’. I need to be creative in order to feel fulfilled, and I’ve come to realize that this is the way God wired me from the beginning – not such a bad thing when I consider I am emulating the greatest Creator of all.

But beyond my compulsions, I see the need to express the love of the Creator through my efforts. It’s not enough to write a really great book or paint a nice picture. The end product should reflect, in some way, the awesome love and power of Christ. Does this mean every thing I write must preach a sermon, or every painting must depict a moral lesson? I should hope not! God himself is much more subtle than that. The Bible states that creation is a testament to God – we can see His majesty and His handiwork just by observing what He made. But as far as I know, the rocks haven’t actually cried out yet.

So it should be with every thing I put my hand to. Even the mundane should be done in such a way as to bring glory to God, if that were possible. I know I fall very, very short of this, but I can at least purpose to do so in my creative efforts, especially in my writing. Beyond the need to create or the desire to tell a story, I want to focus on the One who truly is my life line. The real reason – the purpose – of my writing should be to elevate Jesus. If I can do this, without being preachy, then I will have accomplished what I set out to do.

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